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Hello and welcome to ChewintheCud Ltd.

Whether you are here for our completely independent nutritional services or the podcast, welcome.

We are simply here to help as we are passionate about cows and trying to maximise their return for you, without compromising on their health & longevity.

At the end of the day a good cow is a good cow, no matter her breed or function, you just want to ensure that you are getting the most from your inputs and that your returns meet your requirements; be they litres, solids, or growth rates.

We do not have a one size fits all policy in helping you, yes, we have markers that we want to see met in your diets, but how we get there depends on you, your farm, and your requirements, and we tailor your needs and how you do it to your requirements.

The basis for any diet is quality on farm forage, and then build the diet from there, using any other on farm feed before looking to purchase off farm. Either way it needs to be correctly balanced to meet your needs.

Just because something works in theory, does not mean it will work in practice on your farm, and it needs to, or it will not happen. With many years of practical experience, we collaborate with you to ensure the proposal works for you and your system.

Or you simply might be here for the podcast. If you are we hope you enjoy, as it is here for your enjoyment with our aim for the Podcast to educate and inform, while also being fun, and make people think about what they are doing, both in and outside the industry.

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"In the short time we have worked with Andrew, he has helped us reduce our cake usage, push more milk from forage, helped us tender for our winter requirements and provide a full mineral review after seeing that our current supply was not meeting our requirements. 180 autumn calving herd @ 8,000 litres & 7.3% Solids "
Dairy Client, Berkshire