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ChewintheCud Ltd was set up in 2022 by Andrew Jones to specialise in COMPLETELY independent Dairy & Beef Nutrition.

Based in Shaftesbury, North Dorset we deal primarily with clients across the South West of England, from Cornwall to Gloucestershire and Somerset across to Berkshire, though we will, and do, work with clients outside of this area.

We pride ourselves in offering completely independent advice.  Having never worked for any of the major feed manufacturers we have no ties to maintain, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the contacts, and the good relationships, with most feed suppliers to be kept up to date with new developments, products and current markets to be able to offer you the best advice.

We are not looking to sell you product, though with our contacts we can help you with tendering if required, we are simply looking to do the best for your cows, therefore your farm and therefore you.

For dairy clients it doesn’t matter if your system is spring calving, autumn calving, AYR calving, low yielding, high yielding, cake and silage, partial TMR, full TMR, a rotary, robots, small or large, we have experience in all and so are happy to help work with you, your milk contract and your system.

It’s no different with beef clients, no matter your system we are here simply to help so that you can get the best from your farm.

We take a flexible approach to try and achieve what is best for you.  No one diet/system works for all.

Some clients want to simply know what cake to use this winter, whereas others want to use the latest knowledge and experience we have in reducing overall crude protein levels and then supplement with rumen protected amino acids in their cows’ rations.

All our diets are built to maximise the forages, and feeds, you have on farm, so if you’d like to discuss further then please click the "Contact Us Now" button below, or give us a call on 07534 684782, to discuss your requirements.

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