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Kingshay Costings

Working in partnership with Kingshay, ChewintheCud Ltd can provide you with a full costing service for your herd. 

There are four different levels available, and which one you use can be the choice of your milk buyer, or simply yourself:

Level 1 – Margin over purchased feeds
Monthly report, Special Interest Group (for comparison), annual summary and milk predictor

Level 2 – Management
As Level 1 plus Calves, Culls & Replacements, Longevity, Feed Summary and Feed and Forage Report

Level 3 – Health Manager
As Level 2 plus Health Summary, Mastitis, Fertility, Lameness and Farm Assurance Reports

Level 4 – Profit Manager
As Level 3 plus Financial Summary, Output and Variable Costs and Overhead Costs

This service allows you to track your herd’s individual performance but also allows you to benchmark yourself against other similar systems.

The more information you put into your costings, the more you can get out. 

Contact us for a quote to decide which level of costings interest you.


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