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Licenced CowSignals® Master

It’s not just about what and how you feed your cows but the environment that you feed them in too.

“As nutritionists, even our best diets can only influence at most 25% of the production potential of your herd, it is the accompanying advise in relation to water, light, air, rest, comfort & space that cows require which makes up the other 75%.” Andrew Jones, CowSignals® Master

Do you know how much of your cows’ day should ideally be spent lying, feeding and socialising?  The more you can get this right the more production potential you can bring to your herd.

As a licenced CowSignals® Master Andrew can provide advice on farm, or training on farm, for you and your team, or why not get a group of you together in your local area spend the day learning about CowSignals®.

Start with the standard CowSignals® training then have more specialising in any of the following areas:

  • YoungstockSignals®
  • HoofSignals®
  • Stressfree Stockmanship
  • FeedingSignals ®
  • UdderSignals®
  • DrytoFresh®
  • FertilitySignals®

Cow Signals Licensed Master


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