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May 15, 2023

ChewintheCud Season 1: Episode 11 - Carbon Sequestration: It's not just trees!

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Podcast Notes

Your hosts Andrew Jones & Neil Greggor, based in the South West of England, are this time joined by Sarah Bolt, Technical Knowledge Exchange Manager, Kingshay Farming & Conservation Ltd & Co-founder Women in Dairy.

Sarah discusses her own journey into the industry, from a entirely non rural background, but already knowing at the age of four that she wanted to involved in the dairy industry, before then completing her education and joining the commercial side of the farming industry to where she is now at Kingshay before discussing the primary subject of this podcast, Carbon Sequestration: Its not just trees!

Sarah discusses carbon sequestration and shares with us how its not just about the trees, and also how its not only about the type of soil, but then how you treat that soil that can impact its ability to absorb carbon and how a scale has been developed to compare the ability of different soils against one another.
We also briefly discuss Sarah's involvement in Women in Dairy, being one of its original four founding members.

This was recorded in March 2023 and all information was correct at the time of recording.

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"This is a good listen, make use of dead time in tractors or long drives"
Ryan Spackman - @Ryann_Raisinhol