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About ChewintheCud Podcast

The ChewintheCud Podcast is the idea of Andrew Jones & Neil Greggor.

The pair came up with the idea in Spring 2021 while putting together a series of webinars during the then current lockdown, to try and make something a little bit fun for people to listen to while unable to see their friends and family. These webinars can still be found on YouTube by searching for “Dairying around the World”.

Fast forward to Summer 2022 and the pair decided to finally try their hand at podcasting!                     

While the podcast is aimed primarily at dairy farmers here in the South West of England, our hope is that it can, and will be enjoyed, by anyone here in the UK and around the world. We also hope it can be enjoyed by people outside the industry to better understand what we do as an industry to supply them with dairy products.

This is an industry that requires technical input to achieve what is desired of it, be it production wise, environmentally or just simply public perception.  So, we want to talk to some of the people involved in this!

The aim of the Podcast is to be educational and informative, while also being fun, and make people think about what they are doing.  However, at times you may also find Andrew & Neil go off on the odd tangent!

Initially recording 4 episodes (Season 0) in May 2022 as a trial to understand the whole process of producing a Podcast, and hopefully to give their listeners some idea of who they are and their experiences in dairying. The episodes were then published in May & June 2022 to see what the reaction was to their idea.

After some positive feedback from their listeners the pair decided to proceed with their plan of recording, and releasing monthly episodes, with each episode focusing on a particular subject and featuring a guest on that subject.

Each of the guests is a contact Andrew or Neil have in the dairy industry that can help discuss that subject better than they can on their own, but with Andrew’s nutritional speciality and Neil’s genetics speciality, and both having lived overseas, hopefully they can add some different perspectives to the conversation.

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"I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend. Technical and informative but not OTT and good banter. A good listen. Look forward to the next one. #teamdairy "
Jon Stanley - @JonStanley10